The multi-talented Ms. JaShae Jones is a singer, songwriter, poet and true artist. Led by her strong upbringing, faith, and the arts, Jones is a well accomplished woman ready to introduce her voice to the world. Preparing for the release of her debut album “When Fear Leaves the Stage”, the first single “Believe” is a celebration of the strength within us all. Jones’ fresh and honest truth-telling will inspire many to take their own leaps of faith to pursue their dreams.


JaShae’s dream began as a little eight year old, when she first starting to entertain, along with her two sisters. Over the years, JaShae came into her own and formalized her performance as a member of the Vocal Ensemble and Gospel Choir in high school. During this time, she was also selected to participate as a Disney Candlelight Singer. With hard work and determination, JaShae became an "A Superior" rated competition singer, performed in numerous productions and was later awarded a Vocal Music scholarship to Bethune-Cookman College (now University). Further, she toured with the school's Concert Choral and her love of the stage increased with each passing performance.


After completing college, JaShae unveiled her unique sound as a member of her church choir. As her faith increased, so did the power of her voice and she eventually became the Praise and Worship leader, spreading the truth in the word of God through acting, song and spoken word.



Jashae’s musical and poetic influences have been very versatile. Her abilities have allowed a number of musical experiences with a varied mix of artists, including rapper Ciryl, poet: 13th Disciple, and international Caribbean artist: Monty G, JaShae has also sung with Othello Tukes and opened for world-renowned gospel artist, Marvin Sapp. Led by her religious upbringing, and inspired by musicians such as India Aire, Lauryn Hill, and John Legend. Jones' lyrics are uplifting, honest, and fresh. Along with a select group of emerging poets, she has opened for the well-known American poet, Jackie Hill. 


The Artist

As an artist, JaShae’s talent filters into a variety of entertainment realms. JaShae’s first love was writing, the pen and paper her instrument; the carrier of thoughts and rhythms to tell the story, her story. She used her words in prose to light the performance fire as a spoken word artist, most notably known as the Poetic Songstress. Recently, JaShae acted in the stage play ‘3 Sides to A Story’, where she also wrote and sang the featured song, “I Deserve”. Whether poetry, acting or songs, JaShae’s unique artistic voice is undeniable.